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  1. D

    Solved Clearlag

    Hello! I have made a script to remove entities: every 5 minutes: wait 60 seconds broadcast "&4BMJbox » &cAll entities will be removed in &760 &cseconds!" actionbar "&4BMJbox » &cAll entities will be removed in &760 &cseconds!" wait 30 seconds broadcast "&4BMJbox » &cAll entities will...
  2. T

    Skript Lag || If/else if/else statements.

    Hello! Recently I've been trying to figure out something, if a condition in an if statement is not met, does the amount of lines that comes inside that matter for lag purposes? For example here is what I mean: if 3 > 5: send "test" to player send "test2" to player send "test3" to player...
  3. F

    Skript is being Laggy... Any Help?

    Hello There! So, ive always had a problem with lag on my server, but i never knew what was the cause, until i decided to test out if skript was causing the problem. I disabled all my skript, and sure enough the server ran like butter. Yes, i am a skript developer, and ive coded skripts up to...
  4. Adrihun

    Solved a