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  1. PixelCraft_I_D_K

    Switching locations of players

    Hello! I would like to use an egg to switch player's locations when they right click on a player. If they don't right click on a certain player when right clicking, it doesn't remove the egg from the inventory and doesn't execute any commands. Can you help me out here? My code right now: on...
  2. S

    Solved Simple kitpvp upgrade menu and autokit equip on spawn

    Hi, im looking for some help to create a simple GUI kitpvp menu where you can enable and disable autokit and also upgrade each piece of gear for money. can someone help me? i know how to make the GUI i just dont know how to make things upgradeable and make it so you equip your kit when spawning...
  3. J

    Solved I literally do not know how to describe this.

    Hi, I'm currently trying to make a kitpvp server and tried to make a scoreboard just recently. I probably just should've settled without a not set/none check. But I wanted to make it perfect, I had no errors in the logs or anything. I'm trying to make it look like this: Nitro | KitPVP...
  4. S

    Player switch position

    Category: PvP Suggested name: Switcher Spigot/Skript Version: Spigot 1.8.8 What I want: I need skript for Kit PvP class. Player will have for example snowball in his hand and when he will shoot someone with this snowball, it will automatically switch position with that player. There will be...
  5. C

    Hiring Skript Plugin Developers needed

    Server/Person name: ChaoticMC/CodaPlays Brief about you: At least 1 year of Skript Developing knowledge. Perm or temp?: Temp Basic idea of request: Needs to be able to make basic Skripts. Budget/Offering: Offering flexible hours of working Wanted by/timeframe: At least wanted within a month...
  6. WaxtzCraft

    Script ProximKitPvP v2.3

    Top kills Scoreboard Kits Stats Auto join Shop Items Achievements Config.yml and Messages.yml Top kills in signs! And more... /kitpvp or /kp - main command. /kitpvp join - Join to KitPvP. /kitpvp leave - Leave from KitPvP. /kitpvp stats - Shows your stats in a GUI. /kitpvp stats <player> -...