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  1. M

    Custom commands come up as "Unknown command"

  2. Flylix

    skungee event server

    What is the syntax for the event server? on server switch: if {Ownerofparty.%player%} is player: loop all players: if {party.%player%.list::*} contains loop-player: bungeecord connect loop-player to "%event-server%"
  3. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved SkBee scoreboard not working but has no errors on reload

    I'm having issues with my scoreboard. On reload i appears there are no errors but on reconnect the scoreboard doesn't appear nor does it when the player manually does /toggle. If anyone knows what my error and or problem could be please share your thoughts. Thanks, Talon. Scoreboard Skript...
  4. K

    Loop blocks within 2 locations

    Skript version: 2.4.1 Minecraft Version: 1.16.1 Code: loop all blocks within block at {_location-1} and block at {_location-2}: The code works - however, rather than looping all blocks within the 2 locations, its only looping blocks between the 2 locations. Any solutions?
  5. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved Help Needed / Error in my skript?

    I'm trying to make a code that replaces the block beneath yourself upon doing the command "/is" For some reason I can't seem to get it to work, any suggestion. All replies appreciated! on command "is": Execute console command "/execute positioned as %player% run setblock ~ ~-1 ~...