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  1. J

    Help with Inventory Click

    Hello, i have a Problem with TuSKe and the inventory click event. If i click right click, left click, drop it works with no problem. But the shift right and shift left won't work. I checked it with message "%clicked type%" and it doesn't show me anything if i shift click..What is the error? Can...
  2. Nightmarinya

    Crate Inventory / GUI Issues

    +===================================================+ | Skript Version: bensku-2.3.6 | Skript Addons: Skellett, SKDragon, SKRayFall, SKQuery, TuSKe | Server Version: 1.13.2 +===================================================+ Hi there! Recently I've been getting back into scripting and wanted...
  3. C

    Solved Ranks awarded by books

    English: Hello I have a problem. I want to give ranks by clicking on a book in the inventory! Then I want if you clicked on the book that it disappears. I have multiple ranks and when you click on a book, all the books in the inventory disappear. Here is my script:
  4. Lordcre_

    Script Region Inventories 1.0.2

    A unique way to manage inventories! Region Inventories is a script that allows server owners to easily save and load different inventories for regions! Tutorial / Demonstration (I recommend viewing it here) Completely customizable (messages, permissions, sounds, etc) Easy setup Regular...
  5. ThanasiShadoW

    Two things about minigames

    I am making a minigame and i want to make a working lobby (players will wait there untill more players join). The problem is that i don't know how to save/load inventories and prevent them from using other commands. Any ideas?