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RezzedUp (json.sk), Wynnevir
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8

A unique way to manage inventories!

Region Inventories is a script that allows server owners to easily save
and load different inventories for regions!

Tutorial / Demonstration
(I recommend viewing it here)

features FINAL.png

  • Completely customizable (messages, permissions, sounds, etc)
  • Easy setup
  • Regular Updates by an active developer.
  • Commands for editing everything in-game.
  • Translatable messages
  • Very responsive when loading and saving inventories.
commands FINAL.png

* By default, the aliases for /regioninv are inv, regioninventories, reginvs, reginv

  • /regioninv help
  • /regioninv edit [self/regionitems]
  • /regioninv addregion <region>
  • /regioninv removeregion <region>
  • /regioninv listregions
  • /regioninv disable [self/all]
  • /regioninv enable [self/all]
[] = Optional
<> = Required

permissions FINAL.png

* All permissions defaulted to OP. Please use caution when giving "inv.disable.all" to other players.

  • inv.help
  • inv.updates
  • inv.bypass.click
  • inv.edit
  • inv.edit.regionitems
  • inv.addregion
  • inv.removeregion
  • inv.listregions
  • inv.disable.all
  • inv.disable.self
  • inv.enable.all
  • inv.enable.self
depends FINAL.png

* In order for this script to run (and work correctly) you must have these addons/plugins installed. (The versions listed are the versions that were used in the making of the script)

  • Skript (2.2-dev20)
  • SkMorkaz (v0.21)
  • TuSKe (v1.8.1)
  • ExtrasSK (1.1)
  • SkQuery (3.22.11)
  • Umbaska (2.0 Beta 5.0541)
  • Skellett (1.9.6)
  • WorldGuard (6.1.3-SNAPSHOT)
If you're feeling lazy, here is a download containing all of the above. :emoji_slight_smile:
setup FINAL.png

Step 1) Stop your server
Step 2) Install all dependencies on your server
Step 3) Place the script in your scripts folder
Step 4) Start your server
Step 5) Use /regioninv addregion <region> to add regions that will inventories will be saved in.
Step 6) Use /regioninv edit regionitems to set the items that are given on entering a region.
Step 7) Enjoy!

upcoming FINAL.png

- Not Completed | Completed | Requested -

important FINAL.png

* Some important things you need to know as you use this script.

  • The use of "/regioninv disable all" command is highly disadvised. (It has the potential to mess up all-around inventory management)
  • If you plan on editing content in the script that is not already customizable, I suggest messaging me for help before doing so unless you are confident in what you are editing.
  • Inventory management is defaulted on.
contact FINAL.png

Webp.net-resizeimage (10).png

You can contact me on Skype: lordnikon99
or send me a private message for support and private enquiries.

Terms and Conditions

By using this plugin, you acknowledge all of the following:

Bugs should be reported rather than left as a negative review. I offer both Skype and PM support,
there should be no reason that questions or bugs should be left in the review section.

Terms may change with/without notice
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