internal error

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  1. T

    I really need help.

    For the past months i have had this issue where basicly if i have my skripts in my scripts folder it says on realod "An internal error has occured" And before you ask, I have tried reinstalling skript, and tried EVERY version of skripts for 1.8 if you have any ideas on how to fix then reply...
  2. FUZIK

    chunks at player in radius 10

    please help me. how to receive all chunks in a radius? #example command chunks <location> <integer>: trigger: loop chunks at arg-1 in radius arg-2: broadcast "%loop-chunk%" thanks.
  3. Wardle

    Solved Problem with offline players

    I have made a little skript to give out information on players, But when they are offline, The server struggles (and fails) at pulling data while the players are offline. This is what it looks like when the person is online. This is what it looks like when they're offline. Is there a way to...
  4. N

    WorldGuard/Skript "Internal Error" Issue

    Hey guys, I'm pretty stumped on this one. I've been using skript for a long time and just recently, one of my skripts broke. A location skript, which effectively returns the name of the region the person is standing in or returns "N/A" if not in any region suddenly stopped working. Now...