i need help

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  1. Y

    Skript place holder?

    New to skript forum(Not skript,I have already used it for least a year),I am not getting any helps on discord as all guys trying to help me failed :/ The code: on right click: if name of player's tool is "&a騎士劍": if {KnightSwordLVL1::%player%} is not set: if...
  2. G

    Make %arg-1% more than only one word.

    So basically I have the following: command /console [<text>]: permission:rac.use trigger: if arg 1 is not set: send "&cUndefined Arguments." stop else: console command "/%arg-1%" stop How can I make it so arg arg 1 can...
  3. DarkHacks

    Solved All Code Need To Be Put In Triggers

    I might very well be extremely stupid because i just can't seem to fix this issue. Though i do understand the errors around the spaces, that is an easy fix, the one i keep getting back on is: 'all code has to be put into triggers' Relatively new to skript so i am sorry if this is a dumb...