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  1. A

    Solved PerWorldHunger Skript

    Is there a way to do a perworldhunger skript? ((HAVE DIFFERENT HUNGER IN EVERY WORLD)) Please, I want very much, I don't find a skript like what I say :(
  2. Azternaut

    Hunger manipulation

    Category: Gameplay Suggested name: SimpleHungerEdit What I want: Make hunger bar last longer, the purpose of the skript is for skywars/skyblock decreasing but a little longer! :emoji_grinning: Ideas for commands: - none Ideas for permissions: - none When I'd like it by: I think it will be...
  3. W

    Script Hub 2.1

    Features: Set a hub spawn Double Jump Stacker Spawn Effects Speed Effects (speed nametag) Disabling and Enabling hunger Four Portals! Arrow Effects Help Page Commands and Permissions: /sethub hub.sethub /hub hub.hub /setpoint1 hub.setpoint1 (Teleport with diamond block, portal 1) /setpoint2...