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  1. R

    Hide projectile

    Hello, I am trying to hide projectile for players but for some reason it doesnt work, can anyone explain ? on shoot: projectile is snowball {magic.wand.snowball} is 1 set metadata tag "snowball wand projectile" of projectile to true set {magic.wand.snowball} to 0 while...
  2. IViddyy

    Solved Enchant and Hide All

    Hi im just confused on how to enchant an item in skript.I know how to enchant a tool but i cant enchant a diamond etc. can someone help? I also want to know how to hide all the lore etc.
  3. T

    Solved Throwing Axe & Invisible Snowball

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2-dev36 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 --- I want to throw an axe and deal damage to player. As of now, I'm writing it to throw both with the snowball doing its damage. So I want to hide the snowball so that it can only see the axe or if anyone has a...
  4. B

    Name tag can not be hidden

    I would like to hide the name tag, but at the same time I would like to use SkRayFall. You can not invalidate FastScoreBoards because skyfall shows sidebar. Please tell me how to hide the name tag only with Skript and its add-ons. If you need other add-ons, please also let me know. Thank you for...
  5. Claver01

    Hide everything ?

    is it possible to hide things in minecraft like if i wanted to hide holograms text or a item from a player
  6. C

    Solved [Skript] Help with Tablist

    Good evening, dear community :emoji_slight_smile: i would like to make a skript, like the Plugin PerWorldTablist. Example: Player A is in the World "Spawn" Player B is in "world": Player A + B can't see each other in the tab When Player B teleports in the world "Spawn", the can see each other...