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  1. T

    AFK Heal

    I need a script which will slow heal you, when you stand on the one same block for 4 seconds. Help pls!
  2. K

    Armor with absorption effects

    Hello, let me get straight to the point. I'm trying to create armor which gives extra hearts on equipping, I then found out that there is a plugin called sharpsk but since I'm with Minehut they don't have this plugin. So I cant keep track of when the armor is equipped or not. The armor also...
  3. PotteryTNT

    Solved Regen From Experience Levels

    Category: UHC Suggested name: Level Health Spigot/Skript Version: PaperSpigot 1.8.8, Skript 2.2 (yes just 2.2) What I want: There is 4 different stages of health you can use experience for which are: Low - 5xp - 3s Regen Medium - 10xp - 5s Regen High - 15xp - 8s Regen Overpowered - 25xp...
  4. Aidanete

    Script Enhanced HP 1.0

    Enhanced HP is a very lightweighted script that allows you to customize freely a visible HP stat for your players and entities. Making posible to show the heart number, hp number, and percentage of HP. ❤️Features❤️ - Allows you to customize the health bar - Allows you to have different bars for...
  5. Epicskymi

    Script Rpg Mob Health Bar 1.2

    Adds a hologram health bar for mob's with customization options Add your own style's and change the length of the bar Gif: Styles: Requires: -Skquery -Skrayfall -Skellett -Holographic Displays Only tested in 1.12.1 should work with anything 1.9+ I will...
  6. S

    Give anyone new max health.

    Hello! I want to make in my server a Level System. I want that if i do /levelII (player) to give the player a new maximum health. I don't now how. Can you guys help me? Thanks! This is my script: command /levelII [<text>]: trigger: set the maximum health of player {%arg 1%} to 20...