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  1. T

    Tuske error help

    ok so i am trying to make thing gui thin but it either wont accept my command or it will and not show the clickable item in the gui help!! here is my code command /Vehicle: aliases: /cars permission: permission message: &7[&4Rusty&7] &6You Dont Have Persmission! trigger...
  2. Moderocky

    Addon Guardian 1.2.6

    Guardian is designed as a more lightweight alternative to plugins such as WorldGuard and Residence, with Skript support built into the plugin directly, a slightly more visual wand/creation system, and an extremely easy addon API that can be used through both Java and Skript. You can use this as...
  3. C

    Guardian Curse

    Hello there! I want a skript wich plays the "MOB.GUARDIAN.CURSE" sound to player if I send a command. I tested it: But it didn't work. Loaded without errors. command /sound: trigger: play "MOB_GUARDIAN_CURSE" to player at volume 1 with pitch 1 It should be played to the player only.