gen server

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  1. F

    Server stops when skript loads

    Hello I when ever I put some files into skript it just dose not load them they are about 1k lines each and I have 11 skripts and they just don't load and if the server dose start up the skripts are not loaded when I try to load me they close the server... If you have any ideas on what may be...
  2. M

    Please help me with my script

    Im trying to make a gen server with placeable gens but the upgrade from tier 1 to tier 2 does not work, i cant find out why it doesn't work on right click on white glazed terracotta: if player is sneaking: if {cooldown.%player%} is true: send "%{prefix}% Slow down!"...
  3. T

    i need help with this skript it says "'set {placedgens::%value%} to 0' is not an entry (like name =

    variables: set {starttries} to 1 command /start: trigger: remove 1 from {starttries} if {starttries} >= 0: stop else: make player execute command "/plots auto" give player 5 hay block named "&eWheat Gen" Its okay guys i manged...
  4. A

    Generator Skript not working

    When I restart my server all the gens lose ownership and it says that I don't own the generator. This is a modified version of someone elses skript. I've tried some testing but haven't found anything. If you want to test just use /givegen and it'll give you a wheat generator. The code is in the...
  5. A

    Gens Skript

    Category: gens Suggested name: gens What I want: A skript that when u place a hay bale it spawns 1 wheat above the block every 80 ticks only when the player is online and when you place a dried kelp block it spawns dried kelp every 80 seconds when the player is online. Ideas for commands...
  6. X

    i need help making a GEN skript

    I need help making a GENERATOR skript that is Upgradeable and has a GENCAP the code i am using right now that doesn't work here it is: Help is appreciated