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  1. Zyro Studio

    Script ZyClearLag | Clear unwanted entities! 1.0

    /clearlag | Start the lag clearing manually. Will give an announcement 5 seconds before it start clearing. clearlag.use | Access to the /clearlag or /lagclear command Made by RDiamonds Twitter: @zyrostudio Instagram: Graphics by DSignz
  2. EthernalDragon

    Solved Function error

    FUNCTION PROBLEM SKRIPT 2.2-Fixes-V8b DESCRIPTION I created my AdvancedJSON (completed recoded of but i have 2 errors in console: PROBLEMS [ERROR] A return statement after a delay is useless, as the calling trigger will resume when the delay starts (and won't get any returned value)...
  3. Frey

    Script Reputation 1.1

    This Script allows your players to give each other rep. They can give 3 types of rep: Positive, Negative, and Neutral. Players can only give 1 rep. Once given it can not be changed. COMMANDS: Player Commands: /rep help /rep give <player> <Positive,Negative,Neutral> /rep check Admin Commands...