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  1. Shroob

    Script 2048

    Required addon: skquery 2048 The purpose of the game is to slide numbered tiles on a grid in order to create a tile with the number 2048. Commands: /2048
  2. M

    Script MapGeneration | Free Script! 1.0

    MAPGENERATION The mapgen script ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEATURES - Discord - AntiCrash - Polished Map-Generation - Inbuilt-Presets - Speedy Map Creation - Fast Feedback MUCH MORE...
  3. Shadow501pl

    Solved Teleporting player doesn't keep rotation

    i am trying to recreate Aote from hypixel skyblock with skript but when i teleport the player it just alway's make's him look in one direction (south). Im using the latest skript and the newest 1.16.3 version. Code: on right click: if player is holding a diamond sword: if tool's name...
  4. E


    Hello, i need help with this: on place of a GOLD BLOCK: message "Spawnpoint set" make player execute command "/spawnpoint %player%" I want to make spawnpint on top of the gold block How to do it? And if gold block destroyed, spawnpoint removed.
  5. D

    I can`t fined the problem pls help me

    short skript pls help fast on break of stone: make console execute command "minecraft:give %player% minecraft:stone 1" cancel event
  6. D

    Solved PLS HELP me with kitpvp GUI Only will works if you in region: Kitpvpspawn

    Pls help me With this i want it taht the command only work in Region: kitpvpspawn command /kitpvpkits: trigger: if "%region at player%" contains "kitpvpspawn"] open chest with 1 rows named "&a&lSelect kit" to player wait 1 tick format slot 0 of player with...
  7. D

    Fast skript help

    on break of stone: add 1 to player's level give player 1 diamond of sharpness 1 without any NBT named "&b&lDiamond" ii need help can someone make it so it cancels event im so dumb to put it in and i may break the skript please just fix it and paste in in replys
  8. D

    Solved i need help (skript for auto pickup)

    i need a skript i need it to do something like On break on Stone Damge pickaxe 1 Give %player% xp 10 Give player diamond named &b&ldiamond enchantments: - sharpness
  9. G

    Custom Crafting Altar

    Hey, I need help figuring out how to do a custom crafting table GUI. I have done most of it but I need help with how to make a recipe. Here is the code: I would like to know how to test for an item in a slot and if the item is there show an item in the output...
  10. M

    Solved Please Help Me :(

    command /hanimsopamigetir: permission: sopa.getir trigger: give a stick named "Haydar" with lore "Bağımlılık yapar" to player on damage: if attacker is a player: if victim is a player: if attacker's tool is stick: if attacker's tool's...
  11. R

    Discord bot shop | Cheap and Fast !

    Raikas's discord bot shop Custom prefix! When subscribe remember to send the profile picture to bot and bot's name Prices: Coal package (!help, !ip, !play, !mute, !warn, !ban, !kick, !skip, !stop and 2 custom server commands/messages [e.g when player kills other sends "<killer> killed...
  12. H

    MySQL help.

    Hello. I have a question about MySql, are there a method i can check if a player don't exist in the database, and if a player exist in the database.