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  1. V

    How to set block to end portal frame with eye

    Hey so I trying to make skript that on click on end portal frame its set to end portal frame with eye and the only option that woked is with set block but this is working just when I make the player execute... when I make the console execute its not working code: make console execute "make...
  2. SWOEN

    Solved Console is not executing command

    Hello! I was making some skript's when I saw no "execute console command "/example"" was working. I have tried doing this: command /executeconsolecommandtest: trigger: console command "say hello" and command /executeconsolecommandtest2: trigger: make console execute...
  3. I

    Solved Random command executed Every 1 hour

    So i want a skript that makes a list of commands then execute them randomly to all players every 1 hour so for example i want every 1 hour to pick either to execute effect strength, haste, or jumpboost for 5 minutes and it will send a title to all players saying "Event %name of the effect% has...
  4. Z

    Solved Execute command when one player is left

    I'm having a trouble with my skript. I want to execute command when there is one player left in survival gamemode. Example: 2 players in survival mode remaining, and the other player kills the other one -> execute command. I have no clue how to get this to work. command /resetointi...
  5. xiShaDow_

    How to run a command when joining an area

    Hey guys.. How to run a command if a player leaves or joins a specific area and how can i add the coordinates of this area to skript or adding it in a more simple way..