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  1. Palgia

    Script SkTimeEvents - ✅ Run code every real hour, day, week, or month ! ✅ Easy config 1.1

    This Skript allows configuring events that activate at predefined times and days Addons needed: SkBee, Skript-reflect, Skript-yaml The .zip contains a folder to put in the plugins folder and another in the scripts folder. The configuration file contains a bunch of examples! Now it's your turn...
  2. Flylix

    skungee event server

    What is the syntax for the event server? on server switch: if {Ownerofparty.%player%} is player: loop all players: if {party.%player%.list::*} contains loop-player: bungeecord connect loop-player to "%event-server%"
  3. I

    Solved Right click help

    So, basically, I have 2 servers. One on my localhost and one on minehut. I use this skript on my localhost: on right click while holding stick named "&6Magic wand": make player execute command "/spell fire" and it works. I try the same skript on minehut, and it doesn't. Can someone tell me...
  4. CUrrUpt Enxo

    On Consume Repeats When Canceled

    on consume: if tag "CustomItem" of nbt of event-item is "Worm": send "test" cancel event remove 1 of event-item from player's inventory add 1 to player's food bar stop This for some reason repeats the event if you eat it and have full food and hold the...
  5. J

    Money Generator

    I'm trying to make it so every time a player places a gray glazed terracotta (money generator), it gives them $1 every 5 seconds, I want that very specific placed block to be bound to the player, so when builders destroy gray glazed terracotta it doesn't send them a message, and also, for the $1...
  6. S

    How to summon fire around splash potion

    Hi, I'm looking to create a kind of firebomb / molotov cocktail in Minecraft for my server, and I'm wondering how to summon proper fire around a splash potion when it lands, (If its easier, it doesn't have to be a splash potion, can also be an arrow or snowball)
  7. Apollogeist

    Solved Spawn zombie at entity's position

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.4-beta7 Skript Author: ShaneBee Minecraft Version: 1.14 --- Full Code: on spawn of zombie: cancel event spawn 1 zombie at %event-entity%'s position Errors on Reload: Line 3: Can't understand this condition/effect: spawn 1 zombie at...
  8. D

    Solved Help With Click on air

    Hello, I'm currently trying to log every creeper egg placed by a player. I tried two approach to this but both don't seem to work. My first attempt is here: on place a spawner_egg:50: log "%player% placed CreeperEgg in %world% at %location of block%" to "creeper/creeperplacement.yml"...
  9. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. 0

    this will be reworked one day. What is Delza? Delza is your Minecraft core that can replace almost everything in your server! FEATURES: - Very unique first join and rejoins greetings from delza! - AutoBroadcaster - Hub Manager - Options GUI - New Settings! (BETA) (NEW) - Anti Swear...
  10. L

    Get only numbers of send message on chat

    someone could help me? i try get the only numbers of message sended on the chat for set in a variable help me pls i try put if only message is a integer but not works i tip a integer and he tells me that put a integer number but i put a integer number on chat: if...
  11. btk5h

    Other Advanced event handling with skript-mirror

    skript-mirror offers robust event support for scripts that need to: listen to events that aren't supported by Skript listen to multiple (even unrelated) events under the same event handler listen to events with a specific priority level Listening to custom events You can listen to any Bukkit...