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  1. I

    Solved Random command executed Every 1 hour

    So i want a skript that makes a list of commands then execute them randomly to all players every 1 hour so for example i want every 1 hour to pick either to execute effect strength, haste, or jumpboost for 5 minutes and it will send a title to all players saying "Event %name of the effect% has...
  2. roff

    On dirt grow help

    I'm having trouble finding the event for specifically dirt turning into grass, on physics works but it fires events too much and mostly randomly. I just need to stop dirt from growing for locations inside a list variable. Any sort of help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. D

    Redrover , Sumo , last man standing, WaterDrop Event skript

    Hello, I need a skript like this: Thank you very mutch if you help me i would be relly happy.:emoji_blush: