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  1. V

    armor unequip bug

    Ok so when I dropping the item from my armor the armor unequip is not called so all the stats on the player are getting doubled here is the code of armor equip/unequip on armor equip: #set {_dl} to line 1 of lore of event-item set {lore::*} to event-item's lore split at "||" set...
  2. N

    Help With equip effect

    I'm trying to create a Gear Upgrade script with variables. But the equip effect cant use the variable as a number for the enchant Here is the function where it equips the helmet(It's the same as all the other armor pieces) function tagkit(p: player): if {_p} has permission "vagt"...
  3. M

    skript armor

    My friend and I are trying to make a Skript where if you are wearing a full armor set, it effects you with resistance. Here's the code we have: variables: {superior.%player%} = "False" {superior.count.%player%} = 0 on player armor change: if new chestplate is named "&6Superior...
  4. kamilleon

    on armor equip/unequip bug

    I'm trying to make something similar to hypixel's armor system on skyblock, but in skript it's a little buggy. When I try to equip and unequip the armor too fast (I mean like 3-4 cps is enough) It starts to add the value to the player's hp and defense continuously. on armor equip: if...
  5. M

    Solved This is error??

    on inventory close: if player's helmet is set: ... if player's chestplate is set: ... if player's leggings is set: ... if player's boots is set: message "D" <-- test ... I only equip a helmet, and when I close the...
  6. Selvati

    sharpsk armor event broken?

    So I was pondering through my old files, updated all sk addnos and sk to their latest versions, everything works perfectly except it seems sharpsk on armor equip: Stuff Heredoesn't work.. I have this and have tried testing in many ways and nothing makes it past the first line.. sharpsk on...