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  1. IViddyy

    Solved Enchant and Hide All

    Hi im just confused on how to enchant an item in skript.I know how to enchant a tool but i cant enchant a diamond etc. can someone help? I also want to know how to hide all the lore etc.
  2. R

    Remove "Too Expensive" From combining with an anvil

    Hey I am just wondering if there is someway to code a custom anvil or change the original anvil to make it so that when combining items it shows up with a higher xp requirement rather than saying "too expensive" and allowing items to be combined. Thanks, any help is appreciated at this point.
  3. 4

    MetaData issues...

    I am new to skript, but i wanted to add custom enchants to my server, The only problem is that my code dont work, here it is: on skript load: register a new custom enchantment with id name "Speed" set {_speedenchant} to "Speed" parsed as custom enchantment set max level of...
  4. D

    Custom enchant Jackhammer

    I know this was already requested before and there's a skript for it, tho it doesn't really fit with what i want, Category: Prisons / Custom enchants. Suggested name: Doesn't really matter. Spigot/Skript Version: 2.3.7 What I want: So, i already have a skript. with Custom eco. You dont...
  5. J

    Solved Variable not working

    My skript is not functioning the way it should be. It is meant for getting custom mob drops depending on the looting level of the player's sword. It only drops 1 pork chop, no matter which looting level is applied. if victim is pig: if colored name of victim is "&7Pig &8(&c1&8)"...
  6. V

    Prison /Upgrade Skript.

    Category: Skripts; Suggested name: Upgrade skript; Spigot/Skript Version: Latest; What I want: Hello, I want a /upgrade skript for pickaxe custom enchants. I want it to have GUI that opens when you run the command and I want it to have blocks that when you click to enchant your pickaxe...
  7. Sitieno14

    Excavation & Explosive enchant

    Category: Scripts Suggested name: CustomEnchants What I want: I'm searching for a skript that contains these 2 enchantments: " Explosive : this is a custom effect, which will blow up surrounding blocks. It has an option of auto smelt. This Explosive effect works with MineResetLitePlus's mined...