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  1. HeliumBoi

    How to drop enchanted item ?

    So i have this code and it has error, it doesnt drop the item with given enchant protection 1. and I want the enchant to be hidden too but lmk if you guys know how to do that. on death of zombie: set {_randomvalue} to random number between 1 and 10 set {_deathvalue} to victim's...
  2. JarBinks

    Enchantment GUI

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my Skript. this is my full code, but im having troubles with the /givebook command. everytime I get a book, it comes up with the title "{_randomEnchantment}" not the custom enchantment name. options: script: global name: CustomEnchantments command...
  3. D

    I wanna make a script that checks all players inventories and removes any swords with fireaspect of any level

    every 10 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player has diamond Sword: if diamond sword contains fire aspect: remove diamond sword from loop-player's inventory
  4. F

    add enchant

    Question : How do you add Enchant to player's tool? what I want) add sharpness 5 to enchant of player's tool
  5. S


    if clicked slot is 12: @if number of diamond in player's inventory >= 2 ^ {attnum::%{team::%uuid of player%}%}: @@set {attprice::%{team::%uuid of player%}%} to 2 ^ ({attnum::%{team::%uuid of player%}%} + 1) @@loop all items in player's inventory: @@@if loop-item is sword: @@@@enchant loop-item...
  6. IViddyy

    Solved Enchant and Hide All

    Hi im just confused on how to enchant an item in skript.I know how to enchant a tool but i cant enchant a diamond etc. can someone help? I also want to know how to hide all the lore etc.
  7. Noni

    Replace Enchant IV with numbers

    please help Replace things like I, VI, X with numbers
  8. WeakBrainStorm

    Enchantments from variables in a gui

    im trying to make a gear upgrade gui. but i cant use variables to the enchantment set slot 0 of player's current inventory to iron sword of sharpness {%player%.sharpness} it dosent work... only if i type a number instead of the variable
  9. K

    Armor with absorption effects

    Hello, let me get straight to the point. I'm trying to create armor which gives extra hearts on equipping, I then found out that there is a plugin called sharpsk but since I'm with Minehut they don't have this plugin. So I cant keep track of when the armor is equipped or not. The armor also...
  10. N

    How to set enchant level for my /enchant command?

    I found a way to enchant item in players hand, but it can enchant that item only for level 1. I want to enchant that item to higher level. Please help me. command /emeenchant <enchantment type> [<text>]: description: Enchants item in player's hand. permission: eme.rename trigger...
  11. R

    Remove "Too Expensive" From combining with an anvil

    Hey I am just wondering if there is someway to code a custom anvil or change the original anvil to make it so that when combining items it shows up with a higher xp requirement rather than saying "too expensive" and allowing items to be combined. Thanks, any help is appreciated at this point.
  12. Debux

    Problem getting Item Script to work

    Hello, I am trying to create an item that stays enchanted for 3 uses, and once they're used up the item disenchants. However, my script breaks after the first use- it seems that after the item is enchanted the 'use system' stops working and the sword remains enchanted. Any ideas? Variables...
  13. S

    adding lore to armor through a skript removes enchant visibility

    i have a skript that sets the lore of armor when you have a custom enchant book in your offhand but every time i do it and the armor has enchantments on it they're no longer shown. they still work, but i want them to be visible. whenever I use a command in game to set the lore it gets put after...
  14. X

    HELP GUI enchanting LEvel 50 enchants

    Hello PLS HELP ME HELP ME I need help I want a level 50 GUI enchant on my server just like the hypixel skyblock ones HELP ME HELP HEre is what I got now: #on enchant prepare: # set {_lv15} to 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 # create gui with id "Enchanting table" with virtual chest with 6 rows named...
  15. D

    skript enchant mess up

    all code Works BUT it doesnt how i want it to basicly if i did /lvl3 it would pick 1 out the 3 listed below lores and some lore would have other chances of geting picked if 1 is picked it is applied on players held item and ends but the what realy happens is a TON of lore is added and like all...
  16. J

    Add to Enchantment Level

    I have been trying for over 2 hours to add a random level of enchantment to my item with absolutely no success or progress. I can add a random enchant to an item but no way to add to that enchant, which is excruciatingly unfortunate. Edit: Scratch that, I have no way of adding a random...
  17. D

    Solved Lore item help

    Hello so im making a skript that adds lore to players held item but im not sure if i can ADD lore meaning if someone has line 1 Hi and line 2 bye it will add aother line line 3 cat how it should work /lore *stuff happens* add lore "kitlore" to players held item *adds new line*
  18. Kesem Hershcovich

    Can't change lore and enchant to event-item

    I'm trying to make a Smelting Touch with Skript, associated with TuSKe. I tried to make the pickaxe have a chance to get the Smelting Touch "Enchantment" (A Lore With Unbreaking 1), and when I try to change the item that got enchanted's Lore, the script prints this problem when reloading it...
  19. P

    Custom Enchantments

    Well, I am trying to add custom enchantments on for example. swords. I tried using the Tuske addon, but I was told that It was very buggy/didn't work anymore? I heard to use nbt value's to add custom enchantments. Can somebody help me and explain to me how I can add custom enchantments etc?
  20. J

    Custom drop for fortune enchantment.

    I'm trying to make it so the higher the fortune, the higher the the number, I have this setup but only works with fortune 1, no errors. on break of coal block: if player's tool is enchanted with fortune 1: cancel event set block to air give player 64 coal else if...