dropped item

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  1. 7ib0

    remove dropped items

    Hi, So i was working on a my server when i noticed a lot of dropped items on the ground... so i decided to make a skript for it, but it wont work... here is the skript i made: every 10 minutes: broadcast "&4warning: &call dropped items will be cleared in one minute!" wait 50 seconds...
  2. FoxCraftGaming

    Error while looping items

    Hello, i am trying to cancel a drop event when there are to much items but i dont get it to work This is my skript: every 1 seconds: loop dropped items in radius 3 of location of {drop.1}: if loop-value is more than 9: cancel event drop 3 egg at {drop.1}
  3. G

    get name of dropped item

    command /test: trigger: set {_loc} to location of player loop entities in radius 5 around {_loc}: broadcast "%loop-value%" when i run this code i get, but i want to get the name of the dropped item how would i do this?
  4. H

    Problem with dropping item..

    on load: add location at 34.5, 66, 95.5 in world "bedwars" to {bedwars.location.mineral::*} #I am skipping this part... every 1 second: loop all items location at 34.5, 66, 95.5 in world "bedwars": add 1 to {_cnt} if {_cnt} isn't more than 64: drop 1 iron ingot at...
  5. TPGamesNL

    Solved Spawning non-moving items

    Category: Dropped items Suggested name: Not needed What I want: I want a function (or just the code) that spawns a item entity, without moving the item entity. I tried it myself with a few methods, but when I use the drop effect and after that teleporting it back to the original location...
  6. N

    Dropped Items Glow (With particle)

    Hello! I've tried some stuff to make this work, but I haven't figured it out. I've decided to ask you people. So, what I want is to all items that are dropped to glow. But, if the dropped item is named "commonar", then the glow should be white. (Cloud particle) If the dropped item is named...