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  1. TenToTu Sho

    Arrow Shotgun spread works incorrectly

    So I've seen a post asking for a Shotgun spread with a bow, but I can't seem to make it work properly. on shoot: shooter is a player set {_arrowSpeed} to {arrowSpeed::%shooter%} * 2 set {_entity} to "%shooter%" parsed as entity type {trishot.dontshoot::%shooter%} is not true...
  2. Hakuyamu

    Armor stand won't rotate in player's direction

    Hello everyone, I have some problems while figuring out how I can set the direction an armor stand is looking. I need this for a chairs script. It makes a player ride an invisible armor stand when rightclicking a stair. But due to the direction of the armor stand, the legs do not always look...
  3. B

    Can not set yaw and pitch to location variable

    this is a code on click: set {_loc}'s location to location at 0.5, 40, 0.5 in "world3" set {_loc}'s pitch to 90 set {_loc}'s yaw to 0 send "%{_loc}'s yaw%" send "%{_loc}'s pitch%" send "%{_loc}'s x-coordinate%" send "%{_loc}'s y-coordinate%" send "%{_loc}'s...
  4. K

    How can I set a rotated stair in 1.14?

    I'm trying to set a stair to face west instead of north. I'm not really too sure how to do this because of the new item ids in 1.14. on rightclick with stick: if player's facing is west: set block at block 1 west 1 up event-location to oak wood stairs <--- I want these stair...
  5. H

    Set block at direction of player

    Hi I'm coding a minigame skript i want to if player near a wool; i want to wool's block at direction of player to vine. If you can't understand i can explain with a photo:
  6. J

    How to get the direction of a loop-block

    Hello I've problem, I'm trying to get the direction of a loop-block (like north or the others) I've tried this code : every 3 second in "world": loop all players: if loop-player exists: loop all blocks in radius 5 around the loop-player: if loop-block is...
  7. uGim

    Solved Problem with skript directions.

    I am a beginner at skript and I have been trying to make a command which makes the player shoot an arrow to all nearby players. I have tried many ways of doing this command and I have searched tons of sites and threads for this "direction problem" and I haven't found answer. So the error says...