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  1. S

    Armor stand yaw

    I need help for spawn an armor stand looking to player in event-block position: i try with this, it don't send error's but it doesn't work. set {x} to x-coord of event-block set {y} to y-coord of event-block set {z} to z-coord of event-block set...
  2. I

    Looking for voluntery skript devs

    Hi so me and my friend are working on this minecraft mmorpg using skript If you want to help it would be gladly appreciated! Note from the owner (my friend) "All money earned from this will mainly go to paying for server host if staff are actually going to get payed hasn't been decided yet it...
  3. S


    Hello everybody, My name is Bart Mandenmakers, I want to start a new serverNetwork to make a lot of players happy. Right now my parents are sponsering me ~1200$. Since normal java developers are to expensive, i request e few guys that are willing to do it for me in Skript. There will be a lot...
  4. C

    Hiring Developers for new Minigame

    Server/Person name: ChaoticMC/CodaPlays Brief about you: At least 1 year of Developing knowledge would be appreciated. Perm or temp?: Temp Basic idea of request: Needs to be able to make basic Skripts or Java Plugins. Budget/Offering: Message me and make an offer for amount of $$$ you...