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Oct 19, 2017
Hello everybody,

My name is Bart Mandenmakers,

I want to start a new serverNetwork to make a lot of players happy.
Right now my parents are sponsering me ~1200$.
Since normal java developers are to expensive, i request e few guys that are willing to do it for me in Skript.

There will be a lot of roleplaying games to make. i have fantastic ideas.

- Bert Mendanmekars
Why don't you share us some of your fantastic ideas in public?
Do you have anything to do yourself for your network or are you just paying for everything (buildings, security, plugin development, advertising etc.)

Also, I hope you appreciate that gesture of your parents - that's like, half a month's income, depending on the region of course
And is your name Bert Mendanmekars or Bart Mandenmakers? You literally swapped the vowels...