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  1. Doodle

    negative balance

    I am making a skript so when a player dies, they lose some of their money, and if it's in the negatives, the balance goes farther into the negatives. The problem is, when I test it, when the player's balance is negative, it doesn't want to work and the balance of the player just stays the same...
  2. N

    Solved Keep Effects After Death

    Like The title says I Need a script that lets players keep effects after death this is what i tried and it didnt work :(
  3. Z

    Solved Execute command when one player is left

    I'm having a trouble with my skript. I want to execute command when there is one player left in survival gamemode. Example: 2 players in survival mode remaining, and the other player kills the other one -> execute command. I have no clue how to get this to work. command /resetointi...
  4. D

    Anti Bed Trap.

    Hi, I wanted to setup an anti-bed trap on my server. This started as an ask for help, but I was able to work it all out. See the resources section for the script. D.
  5. J

    Solved Teleport on death event instead of dying.

    I've got this so far, but the victim is not teleported back to spawn. It just cancels the death event and can keep on "dying". on death: attacker is a player if victim is a player: cancel event add 15 to the attacker's account teleport victim to location at (25, 98, 5) in...
  6. S

    Solved Skript (Respawn at World Spawn_

    I've searched the whole internet for a skript that, when you die it respawns you at the worlds spawn and not at the hub. I have multiple worlds and when people die in kitpvp they respawn at the hub which is inconvenient. Please send me a working skript that could do that please.
  7. T

    on death problem

    I have a problem,i want to make a jobs skript,but at tha job vanator(hunter) when i kill a zombie/cow/chicken/etc... i don't get any money,why? on death: if {jobs::%attacker%::job1} or {jobs::%attacker%::job2} or {jobs::%attacker%::job3} is "vanator": if attacker's gamemode is...
  8. ItsMCB

    Solved Freeze Player On Death

    I'm working on a skript where when a player dies, they would "freeze" for to seconds. I don't know why this isn't working, please tell me if you have any suggestions of fixing this, thanks. on damage of player: if damage > victim's health: cancel event send victim title...
  9. G

    Solved set attacker on player death

    Hey, I'm making a little duels server, with BuildUHC. If a player dies by fire, or by igniting the player with ignite <argument>, it doesn't count that the player placed the fire. Sorry for bad English :6
  10. P

    Solved On death cancel drop

    How can I do this? on death of player: don't drop anything