damage event

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    Furnace damage while smelting

    I want that while the furnace is melting it will deal damage to the player i tried using different triggers on smelt: - does not work on fuel burn: - does not work on join: - works all the time, even when it is not melting on smelt: wait 1 tick while player is alive: loop all...
  2. E

    Why is this not working?

    Why it's not working? I have the Addons: Skript.jar MorkazSk.jar SharpSK.jar SkQuery-4.1.6.jar skRayFall+v1.9.27.jar skUtilities.v0.9.2.jar Pls help me I tried to make a List, that sorts the player The Guy who did the most damage will win the event. here is screenshot with error and code
  3. S

    Solved When you click on the item frame, how do you give the item in the item frame?

    When you click on the item frame, how do you give the item in the item frame? on damage of item frame: attacker is a player give 1 of "What should I put in here?" to attacker cancel event
  4. Turb032

    RPG Mob's behavior

    Hi guys, i'm tryna make RPG mobs: When i hit a mob (zombie) it will check if the player is near or far from the damaged mob. When it checks that, if the attacker is in an area of 5 blocks around victim, it'll be the same thing (the mob hits the attacker) but, if the player is 5 blocks far from...
  5. P

    Solved mob damage

    hey i need a skript that will disable player damage only I need mobs to be able to hurt them
  6. L

    Solved Team Hearts

    Hey guys, I created a Skript where you can join a team. Now i want everybody in the team to get damage if someone else gets damage. So that they all share a specific amount of hearts! Can you help me? This is what i tried. But it didnt work: on damage of a player: if {team.in.%player%} =...
  7. P

    On damage of tool or armour

    How can I do this? On damage of tool: if {ata.%player%} is true: cancel event On damage of armour: if {ata.%player%} is true: cancel event
  8. EverNife

    Damage Priority

    Hello, i have a problem. I have a few custom tools and armors. And my problem is in the order that damage events occurs; For exemple: I have a lore that will duplicate the damage of the tool. And i have an armor that will reduce the damage of the attacker in 3 points. I need the damage to...