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  1. erenkara

    Script ItemForge 1.0.0

    Item forge lets you easily create custom items in a YML file! Requires skript-reflect and SkBee! View Code Usage Create a .yml file inside plugins/Skript/scripts/ItemForge, the name doesn't matter and can be used to group your items. The root key will always be the ID of your item, the ID is...
  2. S

    Solved How to give an item with custom id/attribute to the player

    Basically, I want to give an item to the player with like an id "gen" and later on when the player right-clicks with that item, it checks if it has the id "gen" and if it does it will do stuff but if it doesn't, it will just ignore it. command /gen: trigger: give wooden axe with id...
  3. RedDiamond

    Need help for my custom item skript

    I really need help for this one, so I've made a custom items that do stuff with a cooldown, but when I run it on minehut it didn't want to do any of the effects and just skip to the 'else' part anyone know why? options: prefix: &8[&a&lKrypBox&8] variables: {Cooldown.%player%} = 0 #Fire...
  4. P

    Solved spawn eggs

    Hey I recently was trying to make an item that turns mobs into spawn eggs here's what I di so far but i can't really find a way to solve the entity tag if there's any way to do it i would appreciate the answer on damage of a mob: if attacker is holding an emerald named "&a&lEggifier"...
  5. S

    Solved How do I give a player an item with custom name and enchant?

    Hello, so I have made a shop, and I want to give a player a sword with a custom name, and a custom enchant. How do I do this? [/Code give player wooden sword named "&a[1] &2Wooden Sword" of sharpness 1] What I have done gives an error saying "Can not understand this condition" Thanks