custom head

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  1. A

    How to detect when a player places a custom head.

    Topic (1) How could I detect when a player places a custom head? Topic (2) How could I place a custom head? Question (1) Could I just do on place: if event-block is a player head with nbt "%nbt%"? Please answer! Thanks in advance, AgentStrawberry
  2. J

    Custom Heads on mobs??

    Hey guys So I was wondering how to create a mob with a custom head and custom armour it would be cool if someone could help me ;)
  3. Squarebuilder

    Solved Custom Head in a GUI

    Hi there, I've been trying to get custom heads (e.g. into a GUI for a few weeks now. I tried this code among others: command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with 1 row named "&6GUI" to the sender...
  4. ItsMCB

    Custom Player Heads In GUI

    Is it possible to put a custom head into a chest GUI? I have been searching the forums but have't found what I an looking for. Here is the give code for the custom head. /give @p skull 1 3 {display:{Name:"Money...