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  1. D

    Solved On holding more than one crate key it doesn't work anymore

    Hi everyone! I have made a skript for crates: options: # KEYS: keytype: tripwire hook keyname: "&aCommon &7Key" keylore: "&cUse /warp crates to open!" on rightclick: if event-block is shulker box: if block below event-block is fence: cancel event...
  2. E

    How can i make an animated Crate?

    Hello guys! I wanted to ask how i can make a animated crate? yk when you open it, it will go from right to left and the item in the mid wins the user when the animation stoped. Can someone pls help me?
  3. A

    Crates not workig

    Nothing is saving, when I set something it doesn't save. function registerCrate(id:number, name:string, l:location, key:item, items:object, chances:object): clear {crates::%{_id}%::*} set {crates::%{_id}%} to {_id} set {crates::%{_id}%::name} to {_name} set {crates::%{_id}%::location} to...
  4. K

    Please help me fix this

    Im trying to make a crate opening skript. The code: options: {lada:1} = 322 8 {lada:2} = 373:8201 {lada:3} = 322:1 {lada:4} = 332 12 on right click with 131: if clicked block is end portal frame: cancel event remove 1 of player's tool from player set...