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  1. I

    remove 1 item from stack of hand (crash)

    on rightclick holding yellow dye: player's tool is not yellow dye named "asd" with lore "123": stop remove 1 of event-item from player's inventory send "&f3" to player wait 5 ticks send "&e2" to player wait 5 ticks send "&61" to player wait 5 ticks add "a" to {_rew::*}...
  2. M

    Skript not parsing and crashing server

    Script Version: v2.6.2 Minecraft Version: 1.17 Code: on left click: name of player's tool is "&aLush Wand": {cooldown6.%player%} is false: {mana.%player%} >= 30 subtract 30 from {mana.%player%} set {cooldown6.%player%} to true loop all...
  3. UntitledGaming

    Pets crashing the server

    so i edited a pet skript and it now crashes the server i think its the while spawned entity is alive: but im not sure pls help me command /Pet [<text>]: permission: permission message: [&c&l!&f] You don't have permission aliases: /pets trigger: if...