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  1. A

    Variables cannot be used here. Please help

    In my skript this issue is occurring kindly help Issue in line else if %{chattext::%player%}% is {_message} and if %{chatspamcount::%player%}% is 5: Skript file variables: {chatspamcount::%player%} = 0 on chat: loop all players: if player has permission "spam.ignore": else if...
  2. 2

    Solved Skript Conditions Doesn't Work With Placeholders

    This is a example code similar to my main code, when I run /statsmoney it literally does nothing and sends nothing. (The placeholders work fine if I don't use the if {_playerBalance}... for example if I just send a message with %{_playerBalance}% it will show my balance correctly but with if ...
  3. F

    Detecting the cause of "on inventory close:"

    Is there a condition that distinguishes whether the player closed the menu by pressing 'E'/'Esc' or if it was closed via the "close player's inventory" effect? I need a condition like: on inventory close: if event-inventory is closed by player: #do stuff else: #do stuff
  4. R

    Solved How to check for permission true and false in the same line

    As the title suggest, I would like to check if one permission is true while the other is false. I know I could do if player has permission "": if player does not have permission "test.meagain": do something But what I am trying to do is having it on the same line. if player has...
  5. Cha0tic

    How can i use an Boolean State as an Condition?

    So i wanna know if i can use a boolean state (true/false) as an condition for if. Like this but in a way that works: if {boolean} is set to false: do this Server Version: Paper Spigot 1.19 git-81 Skript Version: 2.6.3 Thanks
  6. S

    Help with wither effect condition

    Hello everyone, can a good soul help me with this condition ? This line is returning a error: [Skript] Can't compare an entity with a heal reason. I searched on forums, skunity, skripthub, but nothing... I don't know what to put in this line to work. victim is a player...
  7. C

    Solved Cannot understand condition/effect of "format"?

    Here is my code: command /worldselector: trigger: open chest with 1 row named "&dChest selector" to player wait a tick format slot 0 of player with diamond sword named '&4KitPvP' with lore "&6Click to go to KitPVP" to close then run "kitpvp" format slot 1 of...
  8. Aidanete

    Solved Umbaska can't understand this condition/effect

    Hello, I tried to make an advanced tab footer and didn't worked set advanced footer to "<light red><bold>You're playing currently on <yellow><bold>*****<lime>|| <indigo>Summer sale in ranks <gold><bold>50%%" for player Error: can't understand this condition effect "set advanced footer..." Skript...
  9. SuperEpps22556

    Solved Can't understand condition/effect

    To start off, I am not too advanced in doing a lot of big skripting but I've been trying to practice them. I've been trying to make a perk skript with this code: on damage of a player: if attacker is a player: if {ragemeter:%attacker%} is 1 if {rage:%attacker%} is 1...
  10. CustomWorldYT

    Solved Skript help - If player name is, then...

    I have recently started to "code" in Skript because I don't know Java. I'm going to code a FreeOP mod for my server, I don't want to use original mod from <some free op server you probably know> because I think that I can do it in Skript. FreeOP servers (if you don't know) are servers when...
  11. BirdCanFly

    Solved -

  12. Selvati

    sharpsk armor event broken?

    So I was pondering through my old files, updated all sk addnos and sk to their latest versions, everything works perfectly except it seems sharpsk on armor equip: Stuff Heredoesn't work.. I have this and have tried testing in many ways and nothing makes it past the first line.. sharpsk on...