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  1. J

    Multiple GUIs with same action

    USING VANILLA GUIS Current Addons: Skellet, SkRayFall, TuSke I'm setting up a pickaxe upgrade system. They right click their current pick so it opens the gui and they can purchase the following tier. However, my script is stuck and only works with the first tier. When I open up the second pick...
  2. Hakuyamu

    SkQuery GUI formating problem

    Hello! This is my code i am using for creating a GUI: command /hystery: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&b[&fHystery GUI&b]" to player wait 2 ticks format slot 0 of player with {gui.slot0} named "" to run [execute player command "/givehead 1"] format...
  3. C

    Solved Ranks awarded by books

    English: Hello I have a problem. I want to give ranks by clicking on a book in the inventory! Then I want if you clicked on the book that it disappears. I have multiple ranks and when you click on a book, all the books in the inventory disappear. Here is my script:
  4. L

    Issue Getting Commands To Execute Using GUI Items

    So, this is an issue I've come across multiple times working on different commands and projects, and each time I would just shelve this part for later thinking it was just some syntax or wording errors I had in the codes, but at this point I've tried every different phrasing and syntax and...