cancel event

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  1. Acidic

    Disable anvil renaming for paper

    Hey, How do I disable anvil renaming of paper, without using Tuske? (Tuske is broken, and disables all my scripts, so I can't use it).
  2. P

    cancel event is not working when throwing stacks of items

    Hello, i have an issue with this code: on drop: player is holding lapis block named "<cyan><bold>Mana": cancel event If i press q (the key that drops the items), the code works perfectly, and nothing happens. If i press ctrl+q, all of the lapis drops to the ground, so the code...
  3. J


    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a skript Objective: When a players mine a chest, it checks the items in the chest, & if it has a specific item, in this case for an example, a water bottle, it would cancel the event The skript still runs fine, however when I place a water...
  4. F

    Solved If using named item for craft , cancel event

    if use item named "something" for craft , i want to cancel it can u guys help me please? like this: on craft wood: if using any log named "Something": cancel event
  5. I

    Solved cancel event only for specific blocks with on explode trigger

    Hi, I wanted to cancel event on explosion only for grass but cancel event cancel for every blocks. I tried to remove the block from exploded blocks but that not working without error: on explode: loop exploded blocks: if loop-block is equal to grass block: remove loop-block from...
  6. jonu14

    Cancel Event; Command

    Hi, I'm currently working on my new script, however, I don't get on with this part; As you can see, I'm German, so the text is also German, but hopefully that will not stop you from recognizing the mistake c: first if-condition: Shows the player, how many warns he already has. second...
  7. A

    Solved cancel jump

    i want set that a player can't jump like a condition... if player jump: push player down with speed 2 can someone help me?
  8. Naxxos

    Prevent an armor stand being placed.

    Hi all, I have been experiencing some trouble trying to prevent an armor stand being placed based on a permission granted to a player. here is the code: on place of 416: player has permission "magicspells.cast.vampireconsume": cancel event message...
  9. P

    Solved Cancel attack other player with hand

    How can I do, if a player attacks another player, it cancel the event? I tried this, but it doesn't working: on damage: if attacker's tool is hand: cancel event
  10. Adrihun

    Is it possible to cancel sound events?

    I have made a simple sound script yesterday, what it does is if the player has diamond armor on, and they get hit with an iron sword, 'mob.blaze.hit' sound plays for the attacker. Is there a way to cancel the player hit sound when this 'mob.blaze.hit' sound plays? bump? Is there an addon that...