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  1. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    Simple Broadcast Skript

    Usage: /br [text], /b [text], /broadcast [text], /bc [text] command /broadcast <text>: permission: op aliases: /br, /broadcast, /bc, /b trigger: broadcast "&f[&b%player%&f]: &a%arg-1%"
  2. K

    Is it possible to execute a command with arguments every 15 seconds in Skript?

    Basicaly, here is my current skript, not working. ==================================== every 15 seconds: make console execute command "broadcast Something."
  3. J

    Broadcast with Skript

    Hi i want to make a skript where every 30 seconds, there is a broadcast automatically. i want 4 different broadcasts and every 30 seconds the next one plays in a cycle.
  4. Z

    Solved NBT item pick up message

    I'm trying to create broadcast message of item that is NBT. I installed plugin that gives me extra items, and I want to make broadcast of it when I pick it up. Can anybody help me? :) Here is my code: on pick up: item is a crossbow named "Cannon" broadcast "&6&l%player% &fFound cannon!"
  5. E

    Every {variable} seconds not working

    I was working on a skript that would make a broadcaster to say certain things. However, I came across a bug with when I wrote "Every {duration} seconds:". It says that it cannot understand this event. Here is the code: every {duration} seconds: if {active} is "true": set...
  6. D

    Message two texts in one line

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript dev35b Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 --- Full Code: options: prefix: "&6[&4Broadcast&6]&a " command /broadcast <text>: aliases: /bc permission: "test.broadcast" trigger: message "{@prefix}%arg 1%" to all...
  7. Adrihun

    Solved Skelett not centering message problem!

    Okay, So i have an announcement script, and i used the Skelett center feature to make it centered. message centered "&c%arg-2%" to all players And i have another script which does the same thing but globally announces the message. skellettcord message coloured "&c%arg-2%" to all bungeecord...
  8. ssnip

    Script TotalAnnounce 1.0

    TotalAnnounce A simple and easily customizable automatic announcer. Meet TotalAnnounce, a simple and lightweight automatic announcer than doesn't rely on any Skript addons. Just install the latest version of Skript, and configure the file to your taste. TotalAnnounce allows for: Automatic...