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  1. Byteware

    How do I broadcast coords?

    Can someone help me out? How can I broadcast coords? Here is my code: command /loadboss: trigger: set {_areacoordX} to a random integer between 100 and 300 set {_areacoordY} to 80 set {_areacoordZ} to a random integer between 100 and 300 set {_amount} to 1...
  2. S

    Check player's location and then play animation

    every tick: loop all players set {loc} to player's location if {loc} is 50026 13 50001: make console execute command "gamemode spectator %player%" freeze player teleport player to 50026 27 50001 wait 0.5 second teleport player to 50026 24 50001 wait 0.5 second...
  3. Builder4Life

    bosssystem | no errors but boss is not spawning

    #This skript is made by MightyTiger options: #names prefix: &9&lAppolloboxx shark: &9&lShark &bBoss devil: &4&lDevil &cBoss darkknight: &5&lDarkKnight &dboss sandstormer: &6SandStormer &eBoss #item drops sharkdrop: prismarine crystals named "&b&lShark Fragment" sharkdropname...
  4. G

    Boss battle loot

    Im making a boss system where when u kill the boss, it has some drops, here is my current code: on damage: if victim is pufferfish named "Spike": if the final damage is bigger than the health of victim: loop all entities in radius 15 around victim: chance of 12%...