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  1. Palgia

    API SkBackpack - ✅ Compatible with ItemsAdder/Oraxen ✅ Customizable ✅ Try it now ! :) 1.0

    The most comprehensive and unique backpack Skript! Addons required: skript-reflect, SkBee, skript-yaml ☛ Easy to use ☛ Compatible with ItemsAdder and Oraxen (you can define custom-model-data) ☛ Custom backpack size and permissions ☛ You can protect backpacks from other players ☛ You can...
  2. eyzk

    Script SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 2.2-dev34+

    SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 Simple, customizable backpacks in just 10 lines (when compressed)! Compressed? Remove all notes, options, line breaks, and permissions for 10-lines of backpacking beauty! Download the file above, or copy the code from below. # SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 # Please do not delete...
  3. ScienceTeamKevin

    Backpack item save (Like Hypixel Skyblock)

    Hello! I am trying to make a backpack skript that will act like a chest whenever you open and close it, but the inventories change based on the item. So the same name, but different inventories. So if you've ever played Hypixel Skyblock, this is along the lines of what i need, Thank you!
  4. Very Cool Bee


    Hellooo! I recently made this skript for a backpack: function openBackpack(p: player): open chest with 1 row named "Backpack" to {_p} set {_s} to 0 loop 9 times: set slot {_s} of {_p}'s current inventory to {backpack::%{_p}%::%{_s}%} add 1 to {_s} on...
  5. Spartan9802

    Solved On inventory click: bug and custom max durability

    Hello, I use "on inventory click" to retrieve each placement in a backpack, unfortunately the event "on inventory click" is not called when one remains to squeeze and that one moves the cursor on several slots. I really would not use "on inventory close" ... Is it possible to increase the...
  6. EWS

    Script skBackpacks NBT | A better way to store your stuff! 3.3 release

    skBackpacks [insert a wonderful logo here] ABOUT: This script allows you to store your items in a non-virtual backpack! It's great for hardcore servers that just want to give player's more slots, but without making them unstealable! Every backpack can be traded, stole and sold! FEATURES: •...