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Script skBackpacks NBT | A better way to store your stuff! 3.3 release

Store your items in a non-virtual backpack!

  1. EWS
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    [insert a wonderful logo here]

    This script allows you to store your items in a non-virtual backpack! It's great for hardcore servers that just want to give player's more slots, but without making them unstealable! Every backpack can be traded, stole and sold!

    • Pure NBT: everything stored in the backpack is saved in the item's NBT, so no database is required.
    Customizable: you can change the backpack's default item, name, lore, and everything in the config inside the script.
    Buy backpacks in a easy way: you can simply buy a backpack by using '/backpack buy [rows number | 1-6]'. For example, if you want a 3 rows backpack, just use '/backpack buy 3'. The cost for each size is customizable in the config!
    Like a normal item: backpacks are like normal items, they drop, can be sold, traded, and everything else you can think!
    • Lightweight: there is no external database, and the entire code is optimized. The loops are up to 4 lines long!

    • Bensku's Skript in any version after 2.2 dev17.
    • skQuery.
    • skStuff.

    Download links:
    https://github.com/TheBukor/SkStuff or click here if you don't want to compile

    • 1.8 up to 1.11.2 - basically, any version that works with Bensku's Skript and skStuff.

    None until now - please, if you use this script, report the bugs as soon as possible, so I'll be able to fix them in the next version. Thank you!

    What about suggesting some?

    o) /backpack get [rows number | 1-6] - gives yourself a backpack with any amount of rows.
    Permission: backpack.admin

    o) /backpack buy [rows number | 1-6] - buys a backpack with any amount of rows.
    Permission: backpack.command

    o) /backpack - shows the script's credits.
    Permission: backpack.command
    o) backpack.command - gives access to the '/backpack' and '/backpack buy' commands.
    o) backpack.admin - gives access to the '/backpack get' command.
    o) backpack.use - allows a user to open a backpack.
    Code (Text):
    2.     # The DEFAULT name of the backpack item.
    3.     # It can be change if you shift + rightclick the backpack.
    4.     backpack.name : &dBackpack
    6.     # Lore of the backpack item. New lines can be specified by using '||'.
    7.     backpack.lore : &7Use an anvil to customize||&7your amazing backpack!
    9.     # Item to be used as backpack.
    10.     # You can use anything, blocks won't be placed.
    11.     backpack.item : chest
    13.     # Name of inventory that opens when you open a backpack, to detect if it's a backpack and save it.
    14.     # More than 30 characters in the name of the inventory will cause a crash.
    15.     backpack.inventoryname : Backpack
    17.     # The sound when the backpack opens & closes.
    18.     # Under the sound is the pitch, that sets how 'acute' is the sound (bigger numbers means more acute sounds).
    19.     # The list of sounds can be found here: http://www.theredengineer.com/1.9-playsound-list.html
    20.     backpack.sound.open : entity horse armor
    21.     backpack.sound.open.pitch : 1
    23.     backpack.sound.close : entity horse armor
    24.     backpack.sound.close.pitch : 2
    26.     # These are the backpack prices.
    27.     # Set a different price for each size.
    28.     # Use the following example:
    29.     # 500-1500-3000-4000-7000-10000 | Meaning $500 for 1 row, $1500 for 2 rows, $3000 for 3 rows... up to six.
    31.     # Remember that you will need VAULT installed.
    32.     # You can still sell the backpacks using plugins like ChestShop, and craftings with https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/custom-recipes.11440/.
    33.     backpack.buy.eachsize : 500-1500-3000-4000-7000-10000
    Code (Text):
    2. #
    3. # Messages
    4. # If you want to add a default translation, please PM me on skUnity! (user: EWS)
    5. #
    7.     # This message shows up when you use "/backpack (buy|pucharse) [rows number | 1-6]" wrongly.
    8.     # Default: "&7Usage: /backpack (buy|pucharse) [rows number | 1-6]."
    9.     backpack.msgs.buy.wrongly: "&7Usage: /backpack (buy|pucharse) [rows number | 1-6]."
    11.     # This message shows up when you misconfigurate the prices in the script and tries do buy something.
    12.     # Default: "&7An error occured, please contact an admin and tell him that the 'backpacks' plugin is misconfigurated."
    13.     backpack.msgs.buy.misconfig: "&7An error occured, please contact an admin and tell him that the 'backpacks' plugin is misconfigurated."
    15.     # This message is the separator (lines added before and after a message).
    16.     # Default: "&m-|--&3&m------&f&m--------------------------------&3&m------&f&m--|-"
    17.     backpack.msgs.separator: "&m-|--&3&m------&f&m--------------------------------&3&m------&f&m--|-"
    19.     # These messages below show up when you don't have enough money to buy a backpack.
    20.     # The third message has only colors separated by commas, because it'll tell you all the prices in 6 lines (one for each price).
    21.     # Default line 01: "&3You don't have enough money to buy this backpack."
    22.     # Default line 02: "&3Take a look at the sizes and prices below:"
    23.     # Default line 03: "3,f,7"
    24.     backpack.msgs.buy.nomoney.1: "&3You don't have enough money to buy this backpack."
    25.     backpack.msgs.buy.nomoney.2: "&3Take a look at the sizes and prices below:"
    26.     backpack.msgs.buy.nomoney.colors: "3,f,7"
    28.     # This message shows up when you successfuly buy or get (admin) a backpack.
    29.     # Default: "&7You bought a backpack with &3%arg 2% rows&7!"
    30.     backpacks.msgs.buy.success: "&7You bought a backpack with &3%arg 2% rows&7!"
    32.     # This message shows up when you use "/backpack get [rows number | 1-6]" wrongly.
    33.     # Default: "&7Usage: /backpack get [rows number | 1-6]."
    34.     backpacks.msgs.get.wrongly: "&7Usage: /backpack get [rows number | 1-6]."
    36.     # This message shows up when you don't have permission to use the command.
    37.     # Default: "&7You are &4not &3cool enough &7to use this."
    38.     backpacks.msgs.noperm: "&7You are &4not &3cool enough &7to use this."
    40.     # This message shows up when you stack 2 or more backpacks and the script blocks it.
    41.     # Default: "&7How did you manage to stack &32 backpacks&7?"
    42.     backpack.msgs.abuse.stack: "&7How did you manage to stack &32 backpacks&7?"

    Before reporting errors, make sure you have all the dependencies and their right versions. Bensku's Skript is needed and no other version of Skript will work with this resource.

    I hope you enjoy it.
    Author: EWS
    DHStyle likes this.

Recent Reviews

  1. _LytrOx_
    Version: 3.3 release
    Very good skript, but I wanted to know if you have a way to make it compatible in 1.7.10? It would be more than great! ;)
    1. EWS
      Author's Response
      Sorry, it's not possible.
      skStuff and Bensku's Skript have only been released for 1.8+, and I can't do anything about it.
  2. MachisCZ
    Version: 3.3 pre-release 2
    Another 5 stars for perfect feedback from developer and fixing bugs ASAP! Thank you <3
  3. MachisCZ
    Version: 3.2.1
    Verry good script i like it so much <3 Thank you for it
    1. EWS
      Author's Response
      Glad you liked it! If you have any new ideas of what do add or any new scripts, please post in the thread. Thanks!
  4. DHStyle
    Version: 3.1.2
    nice skript man :D but i found bug. why the backpack can replace in inventory backpack.
    1. EWS
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you liked the script! Please, report the bug in PM or in the plugin thread. Thanks!