armor stand

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  1. B

    Make Armor Stand face entities

    function activarTorretas(): loop {listatorretas::*}: loop all entities in radius 8 around {torreta::%loop-value%}: if loop-entity is not armor stand: #set {_l} send "%loop-entity% | %{_l}% &b%{_yaw}% &a- %{torreta::%loop-value-1%}% %loop-entity%" to all players #...
  2. S

    Armor stand yaw

    I need help for spawn an armor stand looking to player in event-block position: i try with this, it don't send error's but it doesn't work. set {x} to x-coord of event-block set {y} to y-coord of event-block set {z} to z-coord of event-block set...
  3. Adawasda

    How to make sure that the armor stand is on the player's shoulder?

    I I have an invisible armor stand that teleports every tick to the player's location, I tried using vectors, but it didn't work how i!
  4. R

    How do you force an armor stand to ride a player?

    Hello. I didn't want to create a thread about this but here we are. I need to create a skript that hides a person's nametag via INVISIBLE armor stand, since minecraft teams don't work because LuckPerms interfeers with it. For instance, i need this to be done via command and while wearing a...
  5. D

    Solved Armor Stand Problem

    Hey, I have a problem: I placed an armor stand and with the following script I wanted to execute a command with it. But it doesn't work, why? Here is my code: Skript: on right click on a armor stand: send "test message" player's world = "world": send "test message" if...
  6. C

    armor stand animation

    Hey I want to make some furniture with armor stands that can make some animations when you press them but I don't know how to save the armor stand in a variable I can use because when the server closes it forgets the variable the same when you leave the area so the chunk is unloaded tried to use...
  7. foxallo

    Armor Stand Animations

    Is there any possible way to create Armor Stand Animations using Skript or any of its addons? I'm looking for a Skript that can summon an invisible Armor Stand with an item or block on its head. Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks - Foxallo P.S If there is any way to make an Armor Stand...
  8. G

    frozen scythe like from hypixel skyblock

    so im trying to re-create the frozen scythe from hypixel skyblock in skript. so basically what is does is it shoots a couple of armor stands holding blocks of ice, in like a dart formation, and it deals damage and slows things. There are also like snow/spit particles. This is my current code...
  9. G

    armor stand helmet issues.

    so Im making an rpg/dungeons server and I wanted to make a weapon that shoots diamond blocks using armor stands. but this is the thing that I get after using my code. How do I make the diamond blocks move with the armor stands? thanks. in case the screenshot doesn't show, its just a floating...
  10. T

    armor stand help

    Hi dear members, I am making a new mob with armor stands. but i have a problem, i am connecting armor stand's head to silverfish but i dont know how can i connect with other armor. so how can i move first and other armor stands how can i do that?
  11. Hakuyamu

    Armor stand won't rotate in player's direction

    Hello everyone, I have some problems while figuring out how I can set the direction an armor stand is looking. I need this for a chairs script. It makes a player ride an invisible armor stand when rightclicking a stair. But due to the direction of the armor stand, the legs do not always look...
  12. A

    How to rotate an armorstand in cardinal points?

    Hello, i want to rotate an armor stand in cardinal points because when you normaly rotate an armor stand, the armor stand is looking to north the whole time and this is not what i need. I need an armour stand which smoothly rotate / look to North, North East, East, South East, South, South...
  13. DellCraftHD

    Armor stand / Heeelpp :(

    Hi, how can I do that if I right-click on an armor stand and the armor stand has armor on, you can not take it off? Pls Help :( Solved, used the command: /entitydata @e[type=ArmorStand,r=5] {DisabledSlots:2039583}
  14. S

    Solved World's spawn location

    Hello, I've search everywhere on the internet and I don't found how can i get the location of a specific world. (if I don't find a solution with armor stand, I would try when a player join the world to generate my schematic) My code: #creating world #teleport entity to my spawn in world...
  15. nerdguinsk

    Armor Stand Vehicle

    I wanted a skript that when I press D the vehicle (armor stand) goes to the side and turn the armor stand
  16. XxMartuixX

    Solved I need minecraft name of a item in a variable

    Hi, I have a big problem ... I have to add the nbt to an armor stand through an object list This is the code inside the function to add the nbt add...
  17. Naxxos

    Prevent an armor stand being placed.

    Hi all, I have been experiencing some trouble trying to prevent an armor stand being placed based on a permission granted to a player. here is the code: on place of 416: player has permission "magicspells.cast.vampireconsume": cancel event message...