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  1. E

    How to create predefined arguments A player can choose from a list?

    not much to say, can you create something like this:
  2. CVRS3D

    Help with text argument dependent command

    I'm trying to create a Skript that can create worldguard regions based on a text argument and then run a number of commands sent from the player that adds region flags to the region specified in argument 1. It would work something like /wg automate RegionName Preset where RegionName is input...
  3. A

    How do I add arguments to a list?

    So I’m trying to make a friends list on my server (adding, removing, opening friend list, all that stuff), and I’m pretty sure I might be doing something wrong. I also want to figure out how to make each person have their own friends list. I’m just learning skript, so I’m going to make plenty of...
  4. I

    Solved Use arg-1 two times in two different event

    Hey, can you guys show me how do I use the arg-1 two times in two different event? Here is my code. So I want to use the arg-1 in a different event, but it isn't work. Can you write an example? This is just a test skript btw. options: item: stick named "&cTest" command /test...
  5. BadName

    Is there any way to make arguments work work with vanilla GUI?

    Hi, im trying to make a /report plugin/script with a GUI. I was wondering if the is any way to make arguments(%arg-#%) work with Vanilla GUIs.
  6. A

    Solved Save Argument in a list

    hello, how do I turn an argument into a variable, and then put it in a list, and how can I load that argument back from that list? as an example: I've entered an argument, /engineer create name. I save it in a list. Then I type /engineer edit name, and if I enter the same name as what I saved...
  7. K

    2 types of arguments at same time?

    Hello i have a little problem, im making a custom command but there are different possiblities in my command that i need 2 types of arguments at the same time... Is this possible? Here is my skript; command /rekening [<text>] [<text> or <player>] [<number>]: trigger: if player is op...
  8. SuperEpps22556

    On command link with another command

    Skript Version: Latest Minecraft Version: 1.8.x I'm using the litebans plugin and trying to figure out a way I can link /warn to automatically do /kick with the same messages. I haven't really done anything with arguments so I'm not really sure how this would work. I had something like this but...
  9. V

    how to check if a argument is text

    i am new to skript and i need some help. so i was creating a command and i need to check if an argument is a text it doesnt matter what is says, but that there is some text command /f <text> <text>: arg 1 is "create": arg 2 is anything also i need to know how to make the second...