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  1. P

    Solved Error with Shapeless Recipe

    Hey, I get a server error when I load my Skript. Skript: on load: register new shapeless recipe for sea pickle named "&eWasser Talisman" using gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot, scaffolding, gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot register new shapeless recipe for...
  2. Spygain

    [Need Help] Compare rightclick and leftclick [hologram]

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4 Skript version: 2.4.1 Addons used: MundoSk 1.8.5, SK-NBeeT 2.11.1, Quarsk 1.3.1, Skellet 1.9.8, Skquery-Lime 4.1.2, SkRayFall 1.9.19, Skript-mirror 1.0.0, SkUtilities 0.9.2 , TuSKe 1.8.3-PikachuPatch-v3, Skript-holo 1.0.2 Skript type: Purchase skript sale with a...
  3. D

    Fast skript help

    on break of stone: add 1 to player's level give player 1 diamond of sharpness 1 without any NBT named "&b&lDiamond" ii need help can someone make it so it cancels event im so dumb to put it in and i may break the skript please just fix it and paste in in replys
  4. 3meraldK

    random teleport on death

    I've a problem with random teleporting when player has no town (towny). How to detect if a player has a town or he doesn't? I've got random teleporting function so I need the only detection if player is townless. for example: on death: if player has a town: send "you are in town"...
  5. 3meraldK

    towny channel detection

    can someone write me a script on detection of towny channel? I think skript-mirror is required, also you need to install there TownyChat and Towny plugin... for example. on chat: #detects (if player's towny channel is "general":) send "Your current channel is ""general""!" else...
  6. Brot

    Skript Help TuSke (1.14.4)

    Skript Author: Brot Minecraft Version: 1.14.4 --- Full Code: #CODE #+ if arg-1 is "+1": add 1 to {am.%player%} make player execute command "/enchant" if click action is shift left mouse button: add 10 to {am.%player%}...
  7. NeonFox__

    Help! Punishment gui

    Yo! Could anyone please give me a skript for a punishment gui! If so tysm! My discord is ugly scp tato#3884 God bless
  8. Riknesh

    Solved Player ping

    Im using script v2.4-beta 5 on Minecraft 1.14.4 server. Which addon/expression should I use to check my ping? "%player's ping doesn't seem to work%"
  9. L

    I need a crate skript

    I can't find any with the following: -Being able to set chances below 1% (though it is nto extremely necesary it would be nice) -Being able to add custom items (such as potions or enchanted things) with a command /additem (crate) (chance) -Being able to set the crates to a block, such a chest...