I need a crate skript

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Aug 16, 2019
I can't find any with the following:
-Being able to set chances below 1% (though it is nto extremely necesary it would be nice)
-Being able to add custom items (such as potions or enchanted things) with a command /additem (crate) (chance)
-Being able to set the crates to a block, such a chest, and having physical keys for it
-Wheel or CSGO animation
I'd be awesome if you could helpme get one.

Discord: lDani32#3341
Why do you need a script to do this? There are plugins that already do this (ie: CratesPlus - and plenty of others I just don't know the names)
Before you say "But I want a fully scripted server" ... give your head a shake, that is not what Skript was meant for. Skript was meant to customize little things on your server, not write your entire server.
im working with minehut, and crazy crates is bugged, (custom items ignore chances) and you cant use /crate settings on
crates plus, i hope one of them would work,