[SKRIPT BSB] Better Shulker Boxes (NBT)

Script [SKRIPT BSB] Better Shulker Boxes (NBT) 7.4

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- Fixed the command permission.
- Fixed the parse of options.
- Added clarification for locks.
- I've fixed the permissions-required option that wasn't working
- Fixed the swap bug
- Improved on the command
  • Fixed the on inventory click bug
  • Changed the main command
It's really appreciated if you could leave an honest review and thanks for 1K downloads!
  • Options have been improved.
  • New data stor NBT system.
  • There are no global variables in the script anymore, everything is in the NBT.
  • An improved lock system.
  • Improved command and control measures should be. implemented to ensure lock system security.
  • We have recoded 90% of the code.
Thanks for Fusezion helped me ALOT
- Locked shulker boxes are no longer dispensed by dispensers.
- Fixes the on death locked shulker bug that would occur if a player died while the shulker was open.
- Created a new function for the locked messages.
- Added more comments.
- Removed usless stops.
- UI Utils' dupe exploit has been fixed
- When a Shulker is suspected, it will be locked, and the admin can unlock it by using the /bsbunlock command.
- Added opening with sneaking option
- Added cooldown length option
- Code cleanup
- Finally, the script is using MetaData! Now it's easier for you to make changes
- Improved the shulker box behavior to work with Minecraft's established behavior.
- Update the shulker box by clicking not only on inventory close now.
- The stop in the code has been greatly improved
- Fixed many bugs/duplicates.