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Addon Skraper 1.2

Scrape websites with Skript!

  1. Some new stuff!

    Updated pom.xml and plugin.yml (I always forget about them)

    • Added "Body of document" expression
    • Added "Head of document" expression
    • Added "Title of document" expression
    • Added "Inner/outer html of element" expression
    Well, I love documents
  2. Useful stuff!

    This update is a good one, promise me.

    • Added option to set user agent in request document effect (You need to set both timeout and referer to use it!)

    • Added some converters
      htmldocument to string
      htmlelement to string

    • Changed how "text of htmlelement" works, it won't take child element texts now.
  3. A complete release!

    Some bug fixes
    Added new expressions
    - Text of htmlelement

    Thanks to
    @WheezyGold7931 for fixing the static abuse[/html]
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