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Addon Skent 1.6

The right way to manage files

  1. Rework, fixes and improvements


    Hi everyone!
    After a small update before, here is a real update! Indeed, it includes many changes, including more flexible syntaxes and some adjustments.
    So here is version 1.6 of Skent!

    Patch note


    - Fix package name conflict.
    - Fix local variables issues in effects (thanks @Blueyescat for the fix and @HYPExMon5ter for the report!)


    - /!\ Breaking...
  2. Reduce size of Skent

    This version will reduce the size of Skent only!
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  3. Improvements and important fix

    This update mainly contains fixes.


    • NullPointerException with the Zip effect
    • Conflict with Vault plugin
    • File existance condition
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  4. Fix + improvement

    Not a big update, but this update fix a big issue.
    • Condition "if file X exists" has been fixed
    • File type is now named "Path"
    • Watching Event is experimental, I just precised it in the doc
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  5. Important fixes and improvements

    This update is to fix important bugs and improve effects.

    • The effects of creating a file or directory have been fixed
    • The conditions to check if a file is a directory or a file have been fixed
    • Thread methods have been removed because AsyncEffect allows you to do it directly
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  6. Effects to AsyncEffects

    Some skript developers asked me to put my effects as AsyncEffect, but since the skript AsyncEffect didn't work, I had put it back into Effect. I found a way to fix the skript AsyncEffect so here is the version with the AsyncEffect.

    To summarize: it's just a dev update with no impact with syntaxes.
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