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Addon Skent 3.2.1

The right way to manage files

  1. The improvement of processes

    The improvement of processes

    What is new?

    New library
    • dotenv-java: Used for the new execute effect (see below)
    New event
    • file fetch[ed]
    New expression
    • (output|log)\[s\] of %processes% or %processes%' (output|log)\[s\]
    • last [started] process
    • Added [with arg[ument]\[s\] %-strings% [and]] [with env[ironment file\[s\]] %-paths% [and]] [(1¦with (logs|output))] to the execute effect. It able to execute a file with some arguments, or/and some environment variables from a file, or/and showing logs.
    • Includes a better integration with SkriptMigrate using its API
    • Fix execute file effect which didn't work correctly
    • Fix docs of ExprProcessWithPid
    • Fix ExprLine causing IndexBoundException when inserting at line 1 of a size 0 (thanks @EarthAgar)

    Note: I didn't make the release of Skent 3.0.0 on Skunity, be sure to check the patch note directly on Github!
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