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Addon Skent 3.1.0

The right way to manage files

  1. Rework, fixes and improvements


    Hi everyone!
    After a small update before, here is a real update! Indeed, it includes many changes, including more flexible syntaxes and some adjustments.
    So here is version 1.6 of Skent!

    Patch note


    - Fix package name conflict.
    - Fix local variables issues in effects (thanks @Blueyescat for the fix and @HYPExMon5ter for the report!)


    - /!\ Breaking change /!\: any path returns now the path, no longer the name of the targeted file/dir when the path is in a string, like variable name {%path%} or a simple string "%path%". This change should make more logic what's a path, and what a path returns.
    - /!\ Breaking change /!\: the All files/directories syntax changed to include 4 different syntaxes. This change make shorter syntaxes, and should improve the flexibility of this expression :
    - all [the] files and [all] [the] dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
    - all [the] files (in|of|from) %path%
    - all [the] dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
    - all [the] sub[(-| )]files and [all] [the] sub[(-| )]dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
    - all [the] sub[(-| )]dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
    - all [the] sub[(-| )]files (in|of|from) %path%
    - Watching event has been deleted. It will be rework later.
    - parent expression has now path word optional, as [the] parent [path].
    - owner expression has now file word optional, as [the] [file] owner. It should resolve the conflict with Region Members & Owners expression of Skript is needed.
    - (file|dir) name expression has now rectory word optional as (file|dir[ectory]) name.
    - [the] absolute path expression returns now a Path and no longer a String.
    - toString method of ExprFileDirectory precise now if it's a directory or a file.
    - Events are now improved.
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