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Script SimpleStaff 1.0

Simple needs that your staff must have! /tp /fly /vanish and MORE! 1.11

  1. gotedit
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Allows staff to communicate with each other.
    - Clears the chat with 300(customisable) blank lines.
    /tp <player> [player]
    - Teleports you to another player, can be used to teleport one player to another
    /tphere <player>
    - Teleports a player to your location
    - Outputs a fake joining message. Customisable.
    - Outputs a fake leaving message. Customisable.
    /fly [player]
    - Lets a player fly. If no player is set then it will toggle your flying ability.
    /freeze <player>
    - Freezes a player in place.
    /unfreeze <player>
    - Unfreezes a player
    /vanish [player]
    - Hides yourself (or a player) from the whole server.
    teleport - simplestaff.teleport
    teleporthere - simplestaff.teleporthere
    flyperm - simplestaff.fly
    fakejoin - simplestaff.fakejoin
    fakeleave - simplestaff.fakeleave
    vanish - simplestaff.vanish
    freeze simplestaff.freeze
    clearchat - simplestaff.chat.clear
    staffchat - simplestaff.staff.chat
    chatowner - simplestaff.chatformat.owner
    chatadmin - simplestaff.chatformat.admin
    chatmod - simplestaff.chatformat.mod
    chathelper - simplestaff.chatformat.helper
    chatdev - simplestaff.chatformat.dev
    Install a permissions plugin, Skript and SkQuery onto your server.
    Simply download the script and add it to your /scripts folder.
    Once you have added it type /sk reload all on the console and try the commands!
    Permissions plugin

    Make suggestions in the discussion area.
    I do custom script making (for free)!
    If you want to get in touch with me then you can use....
    My twitter: @gotedit2015
    My email: [email protected]