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Script Shiva v1.2-DEV-PATCH

Have you ever wanted to detect people's clients, well here it is!

  1. Just a quick fix to some of the messages

    Just realised that the messages didn't have the correct colors so I decided to change it all and release a quick fix, also removed an unused variable.

    Enjoy, Fish :emoji_grinning::emoji_grinning:
  2. Full recode, More detections, New dependencies

    Hello there fellow crafters, as you can see it took me a while to release this update and it is because I have just started a new year (Sixth Form for those UK people) at school which is quite important and as I have 4 subjects to carry on my back and revise for each one I haven't really had time to work on an update of this magnitude... Enough of the story telling lets get into the good stuff :emoji_wink:

    What's new in Shiva?
    1. Fully recoded
    2. New dependencies
    3. New client/mod...