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Script Server Update Display 1.1

Display updates you make to your server to your players!

  1. mccrafter1212
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
    Server Update Display
    Display updates you make to your server to your players!
    Upon a player joining they'll be given a title and subtitle for each new update. This plugin was coded with large servers in mind coming with a Developer API, very flexible configuration, and memory saving.

    Skript (Recommended: Bensku 2.2 dev34)

    Tested Versions
    • 1.12.x (Spigot / Bukkit)
    • 1.11.x (Spigot / Bukkit)
    • 1.10.x (Spigot / Bukkit)

    /updates add updateText
    Upon adding a new update you'll be given an updateID which you can use to remove the update.
    /updates remove updateID
    Remove an update within the list having the specified ID.
    /updates clear
    Remove all updates
    /updates list
    List all existing updates along with their IDs.
    /updates view
    View the current updates and make sure everything is running smoothly.
    /updates toggle
    Toggle viewing updates when you join the game.

    • updates.admin Gives access to /updates add, /updates remove, /updates list and /updates clear
    updates.toggle Gives access to /updates toggle

    The configuration is extremely lenient allowing for all displayed text to be changed, permission nodes to be changed, colors to be changed, and much more. Within the script every configuration option is explained in detail.

    Developer API
    A developer API has been included coming with 5 functions.
    addUpdate(updateName: text)
    Add an update to the update list
    removeUpdate(updateID: integer)
    Remove an update from the update list
    Clear all updates from the update list
    viewUpdates(p: player)
    Display the updates to a player
    hasPlayerPermission(p: player, perm: text)
    Check if a player has a permission
    (this was made since I didn't want to make a work-around to 'does not have permission')
    A variable containing the total amount of updates ever created
    A variable containing the list of updates

    Adding an update
    Viewing updates
    Viewing update list
    Removing an update

    Future Updates
    • Support for clients disabling viewing updates on joining [COMPLETE]
    • A nicer help message
    • Adding a configuration option displaying updates only once to players

    Please download this, it would really make my day if you did. I spent a decent amount of time working on this script and would appreciate anyone who leaves feedback as well as suggestions. If you find any issues please mention them so I can get to work on a fix as soon as possible.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1