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Addon PurpleSk 1.6

PurpleIRC integration with Skript

  1. Download URL Fix

    This is an update posted by skUnity updating the download URL of the resource to a version located on SkriptTools.net.
  2. Download Link Fix

    Download Link Fix
  3. IRCMessageEvent is now cancellable

  4. Event-channel and event-recipient expressions

    Thanks to cnaude, the developer of PurpleIRC, I was able to add an event-channel and event-recipient (for PMs) expression for the irc message event. Please make sure to update PurpleIRC (min. build 283) when you update PurpleSk.

    Full documentation is on the wiki!
  5. Lots of stuff!

    Everything is documented on the wiki!

    New expressions:

    Hostmask of user
    Channels of bot
    Users in channel
    Banned list (from config)
    Ops list (from config)
    Voices list (from config)

    New effects:
    Private message
    Send raw
    Join channel
    Leave channel
    Op user
    Deop user
    Voice user
    Devoice user
    Ban user
    Unban user
    Mute user
    Unmute user

    About half of this is untested, please let me know if there's any problems. I plan...
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  6. Use change() methods instead of a different effect to set the message

    Small change to allow you to use set irc message to "%string%" and related expressions more efficiently and without problems.